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The MELANDA Steel 1.39-inch Bluetooth Smart Watch Is Your Ultimate Fitness Companion

1.39-inch Bluetooth Smart Watch

Are you happy? We are branding for another gadget. Put your teeth together and read. Together, we’ll overcome this. The Bluetooth Smart Watch is excellent for fitness tracking. They aim to track your activity, workouts, and health and healing.

MELANDA Steel 1.39-inch Bluetooth Smart Watch

They also achieve much more. Nowadays, the top smartwatches can link to your phone and display warnings and calls. These smartwatches make accessing meditation apps, timers, weather insights, and others easy.

If you want a fitness buddy or a stylish watch with extra features, try a Bluetooth smart watch Android.

Overview of Bluetooth Smart Watch Wrist Watch:

A Bluetooth smart watch wristwatch is the ideal combination of fashion and practicality for the contemporary man. The MELANDA Steel 1.39-inch Bluetooth Call Smart Watch is undoubtedly a fashionable piece of wearable technology. You may use this smartwatch for various activities, including going to the gym, swimming, or simply remaining connected because it contains everything you need.

Principal Characteristics of Bluetooth Smart Watch Android:

Bluetooth Smart Watch Android

The IP68 Non-waterproof:

You may dive into any adventure without having to worry about being damaged by water. With simplicity, this smartwatch can manage activities such as swimming and even showering.

Monitor the Blood Pressure: 

A blood pressure monitor allows you to monitor your blood pressure in real-time throughout the day, preventing potential health problems.

Track the Heart Rate:

With the help of a heart rate tracker, you may accomplish your fitness objectives by monitoring your heart rate accurately during your exercises and other daily activities.

Custom-made Dials:

You may customize your watch face with various dials to reflect your style and mind.

HD Bluetooth Call:

The HD Bluetooth Call feature lets you maintain your connection by receiving and making calls and synchronizing your contacts and records with your phone.

Track 100+ Sports Modes:

With more than one hundred different sports modes, you can track your exercise time, calories, distance, steps, and heart rate for various activities such as walking, jogging, cycling, and more.

Health Monitoring:

Monitor your heart rate, blood pressure, and oxygen levels, and sync the data to the app to gain more significant insights into your health care.

Monitoring the Sleeping Pattern:

Continuous sleep monitoring can comprehensively examine sleep patterns, including deep sleep, light sleep, and awake hours.

Weather Condition:

Maintaining an up-to-date knowledge of weather conditions can be accomplished by synchronizing the weather information on your mobile device.

Large Capacity Battery With 400 Milliampere-Hours:

A large capacity battery with 400 milliampere-hours of capacity allows you to use your smartwatch for an entire week on a single charge, guaranteeing it is always available.

Taking Care of the Specifics of Bluetooth Smartwatch:

Bluetooth Smartwatch

Bluetooth smart watch wristwatch was designed and assembled by experts. Our Sovin Shop’s skilled watchmakers meticulously build every watch by hand, adhering to the highest international standards. The process of assembling, testing, and certifying each watch to the highest possible standards of accuracy and quality takes place over five days. Additionally, each watch is engraved with its unique serial number.

Why Should You Go for the MELANDA Steel Bluetooth Smart Watch?

Not only is the MELANDA Steel 1.39-inch Bluetooth Call Smart Watch a wristwatch, but it is also your fitness partner, your communication center, and your fashion statement. This wristwatch is created for you, whether you are:

1- Someone who values versatility.

2- Someone who participates in fitness activities.

3- Someone who is a tech-savvy professional.

Because it is waterproof to IP68, you can take it swimming. Its full touch screen measures 1.39 inches, so you will have clear sight even when you are outside in bright settings. The high-definition Bluetooth call capability ensures your ability to stay connected, and the extensive range of sports modes guarantees that you can accurately track your activities.

But fitness isn’t the only thing that matters. Additionally, the MELANDA Steel Smart Watch emphasizes your health by continuously monitoring your blood pressure, heart rate, and sleep quality every night. Personalize the face of your watch to reflect your sense of style, keep track of the current weather conditions, and take pleasure in a battery that will last for a long time and not fail you.

Every day, you can stay fit, connected, and stylish with the help of MELANDA Steel, a smartwatch that can adapt to your lifestyle and needs. Take advantage of this opportunity to improve your wrist game.


How Does One Define the Term “Bluetooth Smartwatch”?

A wearable computer device, a smartwatch, is designed to look very similar to a wristwatch or another type of time-keeping device. Not only can they tell time, but many smartwatches also can connect to Bluetooth. The watch transforms into a wireless Bluetooth adaptor that can extend the capabilities of the wearer’s smartphone to the watch itself.

Can I Connect My Smartwatch to Bluetooth?

Yes, make you go to the Settings menu on your watch. After that, slide to the Connections menu, tap it, and tap Bluetooth. First, it is necessary to ensure that the Bluetooth switch is activated and then check if the headphones are in pairing mode. You can select the Bluetooth headphones you want when you tap the Bluetooth audio or Bluetooth headset option.

Can I Communicate With a Smartwatch?

Yes, you can talk or communicate with your Bluetooth smart watch Android. It has incredible features that enable you to make phone calls directly from your wrist, eliminating the need to ensure your smartphone is nearby.

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